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You've found something that's changed the way you see. The world is more than you thought. The walls have opened.

I Opened the Walls and Found Something Beautiful is a short, surreal horror experiment in found footage, higher dimensions, and cosmic dread, created in about six weeks. Influenced by Color Out of Space and Condemned, the game is a roughly 30-minute exploration piece meant to be played in one sitting.

W/A/S/D, Left Stick - Move
Mouse, Right Stick - Look
Left Mouse, Right Trigger - Rotate in the 4th direction
Right Mouse, Left Trigger - Rotate back in the 4th direction
F, Right Shoulder - Flashlight
Esc, Controller Menu Button - Close game

Controls will be introduced on screen in game.


i-opened-the-walls-and-found-something-beautiful-windows.zip 1 GB
Version 1.3 Dec 18, 2020


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This was a mind-opening experience and got my brain cells burning to work dimensionally. There was always an unsettling feeling with zero monsters. I found just the physical movement of the walls/floors/items themselves effective horror due to the uncanny valley. Thanks a lot!

Didn't beat it but it the journey was worth the play.

love your game great work 

thank you all for watching subscribe means a lot :):):)

Se sei forte sali

This is legitimately one of my favorite games. It does crash on me quite often, though.I've not been able to get all the way through it myself, but I watched someone finish it on youtube and I was about 75% done.


Oh wow, thanks. Sorry it was so unstable but I'm glad you enjoyed it so much anyways. I haven't been able to keep up post-launch support as much as I'd like. Spent most of the last year slowly getting some issues in meatspace under control so I haven't necessarily been very productive. It'd be nice to find the time to polish it up a little more, but I'm working on a more expanded take on the 4D idea as well as toying with a few other things, so part of me is kind of OK with the thought of leaving it as a weird little janky time capsule of my early experiments haha

Still, if you happen to have any sort of details on the crashes I'd love to hear it. If nothing else it might give me some leads to keep the newer stuff running smoother.

Your stuff looks awesome by the way, definitely gonna check it out. The art style in Denunciation is totally my kind of jam.

Thanks for checking out my stuff, I didn't expect that at all. But yeah, I think it would be fine to leave this the way it is. I am 100% looking forward to whatever you're doing. If you want a random internet playtester sometime, I would be super happy to help.

It was interesting at first, but I kept waiting for the game to do something interesting with the mechanic, but it never came. Stellar atmosphere though.

Watching this on a stream, I now realize that the thing I thought was the game's ending wasn't, the game just crashed in a way that made it look like a really abrupt ending.

I love this game :D

excuse me what was that

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The joy of this experience lies in the ingenious visual mechanic which creates a sense of dark wonder from commonplace architecture. I'm looking forward to more from this artist.

I seriously loved this project. So excited to see whats next. 

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The part with mask was hard to see but other than that I loved the concept of the game.  I loved how trippy it was. 

what does it mean?

What happens

This was honestly phenomenal, the atmosphere was spot on, the writing was great, the idea was twisted, I adored every second!!

This is one of the best indie horror games I've ever played. Truly beautiful and frightening at the same time. I can't say it enough, I absolutely loved this. If you haven't already, PLAY THIS GAME! 

An interesting game. Loved the athmosphere and the design. 

Amazing experience. The graphics, the concept and the gameplay pleased me a lot. One suggestion: the speed of change could be a little faster.

Anyway, excellent work!

Thanks, glad you liked it! I did go back and forth on the speed a bit but ultimately it felt like the slightly slower, more methodical pace made more sense for this one. But I might actually revisit the concept down the road and it'll almost certainly be rebalanced again if I do :)

This is pretty cool, man. I really enjoyed the interesting game mechanics.This brought walking sims to another level. Pretty damn creepy too. Nice job!


Thanks for the play, glad you liked it :D

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Thanks so much for taking a look!