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You've found something that's changed the way you see. The world is more than you thought. The walls have opened.

I Opened the Walls and Found Something Beautiful is a short, surreal horror experiment in found footage, higher dimensions, and cosmic dread, created in about six weeks. Influenced by Color Out of Space and Condemned, the game is a roughly 30-minute exploration piece meant to be played in one sitting.

W/A/S/D, Left Stick - Move
Mouse, Right Stick - Look
Left Mouse, Right Trigger - Rotate in the 4th direction
Right Mouse, Left Trigger - Rotate back in the 4th direction
F, Right Shoulder - Flashlight
Esc, Controller Menu Button - Close game

Controls will be introduced on screen in game.

Title art by Those Pineapple



i-opened-the-walls-and-found-something-beautiful-windows.zip 1 GB
Version 1.3 Dec 18, 2020


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I love this game :D

excuse me what was that

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The joy of this experience lies in the ingenious visual mechanic which creates a sense of dark wonder from commonplace architecture. I'm looking forward to more from this artist.

I seriously loved this project. So excited to see whats next. 

Full Playthrough No Commentary

The part with mask was hard to see but other than that I loved the concept of the game.  I loved how trippy it was. 

what does it mean?

What happens

This was honestly phenomenal, the atmosphere was spot on, the writing was great, the idea was twisted, I adored every second!!

This is one of the best indie horror games I've ever played. Truly beautiful and frightening at the same time. I can't say it enough, I absolutely loved this. If you haven't already, PLAY THIS GAME! 

An interesting game. Loved the athmosphere and the design. 

Amazing experience. The graphics, the concept and the gameplay pleased me a lot. One suggestion: the speed of change could be a little faster.

Anyway, excellent work!

Thanks, glad you liked it! I did go back and forth on the speed a bit but ultimately it felt like the slightly slower, more methodical pace made more sense for this one. But I might actually revisit the concept down the road and it'll almost certainly be rebalanced again if I do :)

Very good game, great, I want you to subscribe to my channel, merry Christmas friend:Placebogames - YouTube

Thanks! Merry Christmas to you too :D

This is pretty cool, man. I really enjoyed the interesting game mechanics.This brought walking sims to another level. Pretty damn creepy too. Nice job!


Thanks for the play, glad you liked it :D

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Thanks so much for taking a look!